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DREAMLENSES, an alternative


Correct your myopia while sleeping with Ortho-K lenses!


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Our CONTACTLENS -subscribtion

Benefit from this convenient, safe and easy service. With us you can from 1.00 CHF per day wear contact lenses. Under Frequentlens you will find additional interesting information.


Wenn die Arme zu kurz werden - Multifokalkontaktlinsen


Sometime around the age of 40, preferably the ability to see objects nearby sharply and accurately. Small fonts disappear and can only be sharpened if you stretch out your arms. We as opticians speak of presbyopia or age accuracy. This is a normal process that started at birth.

From day to day the flexibility of our lens fades in the eye. We all become normal, we know that. You can not see clearly only with a reading, progressive or Varilux glasses!

Progressive contact lenses, a comfortable and invisible solution, with high spontaneity and a good wearing comfort. The new materials and an optimal, carried out by us, adjustment of the contact lenses to your eyes, a good and good look. The alternative to the glasses.

You have never got contact lenses? We not only check and check your visual acuity, we also teach you the easy handling and optimal treatment of your contact lenses. You can also see them when you see these little transparent "visual aids".

Special contact lenses from keratoconus to iris lenses

You need special contact lenses? We offer you the ideal solution! These include the care after eye surgery and eye diseases, such as after a laser surgery, but also in disease or injury-related eye changes. Call us and make an appointment today, without long waiting times!